Dienstag, 9. Mai 2017

Diva Challenge #315 Zentangle pattern Molygon

Hallo liebe Zentangle-Freunde, 
diese Woche ist "I am the Diva" die Aufgabe, das Tangle Molygon zu zeichnen. 
Eins meiner Lieblings-Tangles, das sich wunderbar mit anderen Mustern füllen lässt, wie Ihr es im Buch "Das kleine Zentangle(r)-Ausmalbuch" findet. 
Molygon is fun: I love this Zentangle pattern to tangle in a Tangle, like I did in the Zentangle coloringbook, with all tangled named on the back each page.


Happy tangle- time

10 Kommentare:

  1. Your beautiful molygons remind me of flowers. A pity it is so small.

    1. THanks, Susie. Sorry to ask, what do you mean by " a pity it's so small? "

  2. Beautiful molygon flowers and composition!

  3. Such a pretty collection of Molygon!

  4. Great study of Molygon variations! You've given me more ideas! :)

  5. Love that you used lots of variety in the fills of Molygon. Great movement too!

  6. Gorgeous! I love all of your fill variations and the clusters of molygon flowers are so full of energy;-)

  7. Love the pinwheel effect you've gotten with your molygon :D